HD-PWRPLUG2-4AWG-RP: Replacement Power Plug (Type 1)

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Replacement small power input plug for select HD and MHD Amplifiers:

Fits the following models only:
HD750/1 (excluding HD750/1 with Serial Numbers > #108034000001, which use HD-PWRPLUG2-2AWG-RP)
MHD750/1 (excluding MHD750/1 with Serial Numbers > #153034000001, which use HD-PWRPLUG2-2AWG-RP)

Corresponding plug shroud on applicable amplifiers has phillips head screws.

Need additional information on selecting the correct plug?
Download Technical Instructions on Identifying HD & MHD Power Plugs

Product Model SKU # Price
HD-PWRPLUG2-4AWG-RP 48282 18.95
HD-PWRPLUG2-2AWG-RP 48284 28.95
HD-SPKPLUG-4-RP 48280 28.95
HD-SPKPLUG-2-RP 48081 28.95

Our price: CAD$ 18.95

Availability: Item is available.
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