CL441dsp: CleanSweep® OEM Audio Interface with Automatic Digital EQ

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CleanSweep OEM Audio Interface with Automatic Digital EQ, 4 ch. Inputs + L-R Aux Inputs / 4 ch. Outputs

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CL441dsp Product Spotlight

Aftermarket sound with a factory head unit? You bet!

With the revolutionary CL441dsp, you can retain your car's interior cosmetics and the full functionality of factory-installed features, while replacing the weak-sounding factory audio system with some serious amplifiers, subwoofers and component speaker systems.

Unlike primitive line-output converters that only reduce the level of factory audio signals, the CleanSweep® CL441dsp employs a powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to automatically analyze the frequency response of a full-range factory audio signal and then applies 30 bands of powerful equalization to each channel. This counteracts any factory equalization and provides a clean, flat signal for your aftermarket amplifiers and speaker systems to sound their best. You can use your factory volume control(s) or the included Master Volume control when listening to the factory source unit.

The CL441dsp also provides a stereo line-level Auxiliary Input so that you can easily add an additional source to your audio system and, with the addition of a CL-SES Source Expander Switch, you can add up to three source units. The CL441dsp employs Automatic Signal Sensing to provide remote turn-on and turn-off functionality to your aftermarket amplifiers.

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