Marine Spray T-Shirt, S: White

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Marine Spray T-Shirt, S

SPORT-TEK T-Shirt with with bright blue imprint on front / blue JL Audio badge and How We Play™ logo in blue on back on white - Size Small

This super-lightweight SPORT-TEK short sleeve shirt is the perfect addition to your boating wardrobe. The 3.8 oz 100% polyester shirt features DRI-release technology to keep you feeling fresh and dry all day long. The high-quality material is enhanced by double-needle sleeves and hem, so this collectible can one day even be passed down to your grandkids. With all of this quality and comfort, you’ll be able to conquer anything, from the high seas to the great lakes, and weather just about any storm…while repping your favorite marine audio brand.

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Marine Spray T-Shirt, S 95743 24.99
Marine Spray T-Shirt, M 95744 24.99
Marine Spray T-Shirt, 2XL 95747 26.99
Marine Spray T-Shirt, 3XL 95748 26.99

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