Power Wire

Top-quality power wire for maximum power delivery.

Core Power Wire

Our more affordable Core Power Wire is made from oxygen-free, fine-strand pure copper wire and is available in 60 Amp and 30 Amp capacities. Compact strand orientation and high strand count provide excellent conductivity while maintaining flexibility. Our pure copper Core Power Wire is comparable to under-sized, alleged “4 AWG” and “8 AWG” wire sold by other companies and also to true 4 AWG and 8 AWG CCA (copper-clad aluminum) wire.

Premium Power Wire

As always, top quality construction and TRUE American Wire Gauge Specification
1/0 AWG - 4,704 strands
2 AWG - 2,940 strands
4 AWG - 1,862 strands
8 AWG sizes - 735 strands
• Pure OFC copper is tinned for corrosion resistance (marine-ready)
• Fine-strand construction and soft jacket deliver excellent flexibility