There's no Replacement for Displacement!

W3v3 Overhead Size Comparison

13W1v2 can move 64% more air than a 12W1v2.

13W3v3 can move 54% more air than a 12W3v3.

13W6v2 can move 69% more air than a 12W6v2.

13W7 can move 39% more air than a 12W7.


Our 13-inch Subwoofers offer the most bang for your buck, every time!


13-inch Subwoofer Comparison Chart

Comparison based on maximum linear displacement, rounded off to nearest 1/4 unit.


Correction: Due to a typographical error, an incorrect displacement comparison percentage for the W6v2 woofers was used in a print ad campaign and dealer posters. The incorrect figure of "89% more displacement" should have read "69% more displacement". All other figures were correct. We sincerely regret this error and will correct it in any future printings. It has been corrected above and throughout the website.