Capable of standing alone or in conjunction with our marine subwoofers, these powerful marine speaker systems deliver exceptional sound quality and output for those seeking a superior listening experience.

All models feature motor systems that develop superior output compared to conventional designs. Treated silk soft-dome tweeters with powerful neodymium motor systems provide sparkling high-frequency detail at all listening levels. Controlled off-axis response provides wide coverage with exceptional tonal balance throughout the listening area.

The 6.5-inch diameter models are designed to fit where conventional marine 6.5-inch speakers will not. For an extra sonic edge, consider our unique 7.7-inch diameter speaker systems that provide 20% more sound radiating area than typical 6.5-inch designs and also benefit from oversized 1.27-inch diameter woofer voice coils (for additional power handling). For the ultimate in open water audio performance, look to the powerful 8.8-inch diameter systems to produce unsurpassed audio fidelity with a commanding mid-bass output. These extras add up to significantly improved output and clarity.

Specifically optimized models are available for cockpit panel-mounting and small enclosure mounting (i.e. wakeboard boat tower systems) to ensure superior bass performance in each application.

A little obsessive, maybe... but that’s just the way we do things.

Which Speaker Size is Right for your Boat?